80% of a successful sale is in the setup. You can't obtain top dollar by skipping steps...Hard work and preparation will reward your bottom line.

Growing up painting & transforming homes has given me a unique perspective on how to implement targeted, cost-effective improvements to increase a home's appeal and market value.

In addition, showing homes to prospective buyers for 21 years has given me firsthand knowledge of what a majority of buyers do and don't like. 

Accurate pricing

Your home has one chance to make a first impression when it enters the market. Your home will receive its maximum exposure during the first 7 days...Accurate pricing is critical. Savvy buyers and agents won't waste their time on overpriced homes, especially in today's market. Testing the market at an inflated price leads to extended market times and eventual price reductions, ultimately compromising your home's value.

Property condition

If we can make your home as "turn-key", move-in ready as possible, your potential pool of buyers increases. Many people may not have the vision, budget, or patience to make an offer on a home that needs some work. Whatever we can do to make your home look its best both on-line and in person will increase exposure and eventually your bottom line.

First class marketing

I've used Professional HD Photography for years and take great pride in telling the story of my client's homes, as every single detail matters. It's my job to give buyers a reason to get off their couch and come visit your home. I utilize the internet, social media, e-mail, property flyers, and open houses to provide maximum exposure for my clients. My affiliation with RE/MAX assures you unmatched global exposure, as we have offices in 115 countries with over 135,000 agents worldwide.

Visitor friendly open houses

This is an often overlooked aspect of a sale, but an important one. Creating a fun, welcoming environment at an open house puts people at ease, allowing them more time to tour your home. Conversely, when agents pressure others or talk too much, it turns buyers off and they cut visits short. Whom you choose to represent you in the sale of your home matters on many levels.

Professional negotiating and representation

We got an offer! I'll guide you through all negotiations and contractual deadlines, update you on the home inspection, loan process, appraisal, and escrow steps. How an agent communicates with you and represents you while interacting with the public, fellow agents, lenders, appraisers, inspectors, escrow, and others can make a big difference in your experience. 

I welcome you to read my Clients Testimonials to learn how I can make a positive difference in your experience.